The Levels

Posted on March 5, 2019 By

How much you have done to me well throughout the way. I love you how much I love you! My love, my sky small piece, how much I long for of your lips a kiss. How much I want verte at this moment and decirte many things more, because still I have much by decirte, has as much still behind that phrase but they do not reach the words to me and it is that there are no them! For the love a dictionary exists neither an alphabet, nor one regulates orthographic nor grammar defined, and even so it has the wonderful gift to communicate at any moment, acts with its own logic and it owns its characteristic form of expression, yes, thus is the love. Which are the words that I need to speak to him to a cell of my body? Or to the atom, a pore or perhaps to the blood that run by my veins? You cannot take hold to any of them and speak hoping that they understand a language to them, words that try to explain something. You cannot take the energy that surrounds the body and to try to speak with her, nevertheless, those things exist although has an own language, thus it is the heart that does not depend on a language because it is independent, is able to think, to decide at will and to choose, besides being able to communicate in all the levels without as much difficulty. I love you, he is the unique thing that it could say because I do not have the capacity to describe nor to write, much less to translate this that my heart says, this that shouts so hard so high and, this that I can understand but that it is impossible to me to express in words because the language of the love, of the heart, is not made to be read far from it to be communicated by the mind, for that reason my mind does not understand it and it cannot translate it to words, therefore true words of the heart cannot be distorted because nobody can transmit in words which is made to be felt and only be lived through the emotions, what we denominated feeling.