Don Juan Portuguese

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Perez was donated to the be in favor of Bred Exilda, having belonged to their sister Teresa. This and another house, is the two unique properties with ceiling to four waters of Portuguese style in all the city. The room of entrance also has cielorraso to four artesanada wood waters very similar to which is in the House of Nacarello. This set of relics facilitates the reconstruction of that one military period that to the present time left rich outlines of popular culture from the foundation of the Colony. It conserves the original floors, as well as most of his inner walls constructed with wood partitions, fillings of seated divided roofing tile and stone in adobe, denominated " Of San Andrs" . The ceilings are of roofing tile and marinates and are recovered with fidelity having obtained itself magnificent results. The furniture is an important donation of the government of Portugal.

The majestic large house arouses interest of the visitors, passing on a deep balance and a marked expression of life. The call Room of Kings imanta with its perfectly heightened maylicas with works of environment adjustment. Tiles of the factory of Santa Ana in Lisbon, representing the Portuguese monarchs who reigned at the time, excel in view of the visitors. Everything in this house summarizes history; the Room of the Governors, with its standards and tiles, the uniforms of the Regiment of Dragoons of 1772, a valuable series of arms of English manufacture that used the Portuguese forces in the wars by the possession of the Colony, standards military, policromados bronze miniatures and shields, popular pieces of ceramics; in aim there the appointment with history, between this sober and elegant decoration, is inescapable. Museum Of the Spanish Period. In the crossing of the streets of San jOse and Spain we found the one that outside house of Don Juan de guila, soon where I stay Bartholomew Mitre and who at the moment it occupies the Spanish Museum.

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