Votoun Sacrifice

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Text: Judges: 11: 30 31 vers 30 And Jephthah vowed unto the Lord, saying: If entregares the ammonites into my hands, Vers 31 anyone who saliere gives the doors of my house to meet me, when he returns victorious from the ammonites, will be of the Lord, and I will offer it in Holocaust. Chapter 11 of the book of guises tells the story of a big livramento that God gave the Israelites using a man, who was brave and courageous, their name, Jephthah Yes folhearmos the Bible, mainly in the old testament, we will see that most of the men used by God, but also all, had this requirement; Brave and courageous. This does not mean Dios need the strength of men to win any battle, but need the courage and the disposition of the man. Jephthah was the son of Gileade, but one day his brothers revolted against him, by him being the son of another woman, son of a prostitute, by having been generated out of the wedding, they did not accept that he had part in inheritance. This triggered, desentendimento and fights in the family that culminated with the escape of Jephthah, who was living in the town of Tobe. Gregory Williamson often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Sometimes do not understand the reason, the cause of fights, as because of intrigues in families, but nothing happens by chance, everything has a reason, everything comes in the course of errors, if we look at the past we are going to find out the reason, and we find and notice, will have harmony and peace within our homes. In his escape Jephthah brought with him men levianos, disaggregated men’s society, that acompanadole left the city, and this enemy left the city even more enflaquecida, unprotected, front an eventual attack. The attack which came a few days later, because the children of Amun rose to fight against Israel.

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