WD40 For Cleaning

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I do not know how this is justified statement, and yet, in my opinion WD40 – the best that can be used for cleaning, especially if she got through the rings to grease the chain and so close to death. In this case, better to take the bike to replace the chain motorcycle service, or to replace yourself. It is worth noting that the market there are a lot cleaner circuit, as well as lubricants, and there is nothing wrong to use special cleaners. Some motorcyclists use a "liquid" type lubricant for chain cleaning and lubrication. So, go back to the process. If I'm really in a hurry, I just turn the wheel, a chain of watering WD40, then wipe the chain with rags and then watering it with grease.

But, Unfortunately, it is good to clean the chain is not enough. Ideally you need something like the Grunge Brush well, or just brush bristles just should not be too rigid. The combination of brush and WD40 will get rid of virtually all dirt, stuck in the chain. Once the circuit is cleared, it must be carefully wiped from the remnants of WD40. A certain amount of liquid may remain on the chain, it should be noted that this problem does not depend on what tool you use to purification. One problem WD40 is that the newspaper, which she soaked harmful to the environment, so make sure that all is not right that remains after cleaning and oiling the chain will not, at least, simply ejected into the street. Types There are many types grease lubricant for chains and each has their own preferences. Global lubricant can be divided into two categories: thick and sticky or thin and watery.

It would seem that it is high time will be "an ideal lubricant" evolutionary development of existing ones, but every new product on the market something new. The last few years, I devotee of the style of "dense and sticky." Grease, which I use, leaving the chain white precipitate something like lithium grease. I like it because well stick to the chain and long at it is, although the first few miles, it still manages to splash a little frame and chain guard. More watery lubricant can be used not only for lubrication, but also for cleaning. On the merits and benefits of any type of lubrication is difficult. To the mud puddle, I think it is better to take a liquid lubricant, as it is less sticky mud. C On the other hand, grease, to look at, more to protect the circuit. In the end – you decide. 2008

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