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The answer is obvious: what makes sense, but real sense of a city, are your crazy. What would become of society, their crazy? I can not imagine, that would come as a complete society. We can do without public services (in fact, some cities I know, can survive without electricity and no one says anything), food (some people do not remember when was the last time I tried), its illusions, football , sex, public safety, but never ever of its crazy. Whether in the corners, where invisible armies harangue or parks where they are happy with his bag full of junk, the nuts are part of the urban landscape and an essential part of the community in which they reside. The dictionary tells us is a fool who has lost his mind but the reality, and the experts have told us what they lack in court their abundance in happiness, They tiene4n no concerns about its shortcomings or social prejudice or fear what they will say their friendships or appearances and then save that enjoy life with their few possessions. The coming and going crazy.

They are seen in one place and another. They dressed in their traditional uniform similar to the indigent or garments whose colors combined with the fire of the apocalypse. They have friends and supporters and many stories to tell: born some of his fantasies and his ongoing dialogue with themselves and with real beings that inhabit his world seemingly imaginary or real stories belonging to the drama and the tragedy that drove them to the state they are now.