Rio De Janeiro Suburbs

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Penalty that Axe was alone in the intention. In compensation, happily Barreto Rasp was beyond and effectively it spoke on the carica suburb. sufficient! P.ex., in the Sad classic end of Policarpo Quaresma, makes an interesting description of the topography and urbanism in the Carioca suburbs: ‘ ‘ The suburbs in Rio De Janeiro are the most curious thing in substance of construction in the city. The topography of the place, capriciously montuosa, influenced certainly for such aspect, had more influenced, however bad luck of the constructions. Nothing more irregular, more capricious, more without plan any, can be imagined. The houses had appeared as if they were sown to the wind and, as the houses, the streets if fizeram.’ ‘ Published chronic Numca in periodical, Barreto Rasp obseva perhaps pioneering the paper of the railroads for the suburban life, that, as we said, was times later detached by Brazil Gerson: ‘ ‘ In the life of the suburbs, the station of the railroad represents a great paper: it is the center, it is the axle of this life.

Old, when not yet it had for those bands gardens and cinemas, it was the favourite place for the domingueiros strolls of the casadouras girls of the locality and the youngsters that want to marry, with will or without it. Today exactly, gare suburban did not lose all of this feio of recreation point, of meeting and colloquy. It has some that keep still it tenaciously, as Cascadura, Madureira and other more afastadas’ ‘ (Gazette of Notice of 06.10.1921). Barreto rasp always made question to criticize the soccer.