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We therefore understand that social services are instruments of social care available to society and public authorities for responding to the needs of individuals, groups or communities to obtain greater social welfare and thus achieve better quality of life, both at individual and collective levels. In brief words we can summarize, what was said so far to social services, as the municipal institution which aims to promote comprehensive development, social equality and improving the quality of life of the population, with priority attention to those situations of special need, through the harmonious and balanced development of the municipal social services, in coordination with other areas of public intervention and the social initiative. 1. 1. Main features of social services its main functions are to develop the areas of action in the field of social services are the responsibility of City Hall and in essence are:-attention: listening to and promotion of the welfare of the family and drives alternative coexistence, with the aim of preventing and mitigating the social deficit. -INFORMATION: Advice to all citizens with regard to their social rights and ways and means to make them effective. -PROMOTION: Promotion of the welfare of children, adolescents and youth, with the aim of contributing to its full development staff, especially in those cases where there is a high risk social-standardization: attention and promoting the well-being of older persons, to regularize and facilitate the living conditions which contribute to the conservation of its fullness and social integration – integration: Care and attention to persons with disabilities as well as their social unification, in order to achieve their personal development and the improvement of their quality of life, prevention of drug addiction. Prevention and elimination of any discrimination on grounds of race, or any other condition or personal or social-aid circumstance: social emergency assistance – forecast: perspective and analysis of other situations of need, care and help people who need it for other reasons of social importance and the fight against any type of social marginalization.