Erasure A Large Group Of The Eighties Nineties

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Very good collection of themes of the Group Erasure, which he edited for the first time in 1992 Mute Records Limited, of the Group Erasure than on 2 discs, now two cd s, presents this English band’s 21 songs (I think) led by Clarke and Bell. Presents topics such as Who needs love from 1985 or Heavenly action, of the same year, to Breathe of Life or Abba-Esque in 1992 through the topics that more recommend the disk that they are Sometimes (1986 it has not rained shortly and is still heard fairly in according to that main rooms!), Stop, Drama, love to hate you, commented the Breathe of Life. For those who don’t know the group, this album is pop style quite soft and commercial English rock. The very best that there has been and with great results over time. I want to say that Erasure songs are those that endure as much as pass the years. These are issues, world almost all that was still hearing already not only by the most loving group and unconditional, to have them Hayles, but that is heard in many places – bars, pubs – and I have no doubt that many people who do not know Erasure will be love in these topics I present below: Sometimes: Breathe of Life Love to hate you: by the way this compilation disc does not appear Always; Another great song that I present and is worth hearing: greetings to all crazy about music as I do, I will continue presenting my discography soon. David Guiu, of web of advertising specializes in advertising agencies, companies marketing, list of advertising agencies, companies of junk mail, advertising courses, news, articles and more about advertising and marketing.