Expansion To Other Countries And New Manifestations Of The Movement

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Li Tai Po (701-762 AD) wrote a poem of great peace, light and leaves a space for the sacred in venerable poetry with his poem Listening jewish mysticism mandolin zohar a Buddhist priest. Buddhism is a little older scholem than Taoism could coexist in tolerance and in the Chinese territory. Proof of this is Li Po’s spirituality that reflects his respect for Buddhism, which also allows you to achieve kabala peace, the joy of sacred music mystical and to wash your spirit from the vicissitudes of life. In this poem, the poet is a friend of a Buddhist monk who devotes a melody can purify your spirit, while the covers down a mountain landscape. The Grateful Dead concert in 1987 with many 72 names of god deadheads.
Although this movement was of U.S. origin, spread within the general globalization of the rebellious youth subculture of the sixties. In EE. UU. the subculture grew especially from 1966-67 from his home in California to the east of the country and then come to Europe, Latin America and Oceania. The year 1967 was spirituality also known as the summer kabbala of love and then reach a peak point binah in the 1969 Woodstock festival on the east coast of USA. UU. When declaring the end of the hippies in the U.S.. UU. at the beginning of the spiritual seventies, in some parts of the globe newcomer hippie influence. Likewise, in many cases as a step in EE. UU. in the late sixties many people tarot took this influence in a related superficially estetica clothes or listen to rock and or use drugs at parties.
Examples of the subsequent expansion of the movement and its influence are many. In Latin America for example this scene jipiteca of Mexico in the seventies. There was the Festival of Rock and wheels Avandaro in 1971 or as we call it the “Woodstock” Mexican. Chile took place in a similar event, the judaism Red Rock Festival in 1970 where they played among the other bands banda chilena de rock with progressive influences as well as Andean Jaivas Aguaturbia, The Blops and Lagrima Seca. These concerts were a lot of red string convergence to mysticism the mass Woodstock but for example the Festival Avandaro around the idea that the Coca-Cola sponsored and which includes a race car. Subsequently, a deepening cultural daria who would be responsible positions as a social and ecological values to be taken tree of life into account, meditation to undertake actions to achieve .. This cabala included such things as take action on litter in the concerts in the seventies and eighties of the Grateful Dead which was often in charge of these deadheads.
The ideas and the ways that these motivations still continued its course. Some hippies decided to travel for several reasons. ‘S famous appearance in the seventies hippie’s hippie trail or path. Using various forms of cost-cutting many judaica hippies decided to take long trips through EE. UU. or even the world. A route religion was a very popular starting in Europe cities like London or Amsterdam. After Luxembourg, and then Istanbul, Teheran, Herat, Kabul, Peshawar, Lahore and finally Katmandu or the island of Goa in India. still have a Katmandu street known as “Freak Street” in memory of the thousands of hippies who went through there. Others continued to India, Sri Lanka, and in some cases New Zealand and Australia. The motivations for this were many and the reasons why come to a specific city. In the case of places like gematria India which was to find some spiritual knowledge spiritual religious practices-east. Others, like London or Amsterdam was chosen for its vibrant bohemian life, and artistic underground. Cities such as Kathmandu was chosen by the fact that drug use was a legal practice there.
Other routes taken by hippies or were influenced by those of a religious-spiritual search. The case of the Jesus movement that was a section of hippies Christians sympathetic to the positions of the voluntary simplicity but are aligned with the positions of torah rejection of sex and the usual drug of Christianity. Tended to want community situations similar to those of the original Christians under the Roman sepher Empire. Other cases occurred in which some took to the paths of new age cults, neopaganismo, neochamanismo or eastern religions and cults. Religious syncretism was a significant trend at that time. Some hippies hippismo left by these trends. Others do not.
Yoga workshop at the Festival of Nambassa 1978.
Also offered is the mass movement of passengers by car from home Nambassa, New kaballah Zealand at the end of the seventies. In the United Kingdom in the eighties cabbala show strength with the New Age Travelers, who travel around the country touring the music festivals free. They staged the event known as the Battle kabbalistic of Beanfield in which he was conducting the 1985 Stonehenge Festival but this was prevented by riot police, all in a way that would anticipate the movement after freetekno and qabalah techno parties of the nineties and squat 2000. jewish In EE. UU. In the seventies, eighties and nineties, as well as groups of fans appear to psychedelic folk band The Grateful Dead were known as deadheads and followed the band on their many tours around the country in endless holidays.
Some old and new hippies began to appear in the eighties along with a renewed interest in the youth of rabbi that time in the subculture of the sixties.

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