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Bio vital offers a new and absolutely innovative product in this sector with Energiedirekt. It shows that the trend towards healthy and natural products, coupled with the desire to promote the performance of. Stick sachets ideally suited for on the way thanks to the easy dosage as stick sachets the ingredients of bio vital Energiedirekt are the organism quickly available. The patented manufacturing process increases the porosity of the pellets, which means that increased the surface of the granules. It dissolves very quickly therefore, without additional intake of water, on the tongue. So get bio vital Energiedirekt already solved and finely distributed in the body and is immediately available to the energy metabolism. A glass, a spoon or water is required.

The product is suitable especially for those that do not Like tablets. Everyone is talking about at the end of the 16th century British doctors describe the health benefits of coffee caffeine. The positive properties are attributable to the above all the caffeine in it, which is the subject of research for many years. In the years from 1998 2008 over 5,000 scientific publications to caffeine have been published. This will show: caffeine can make much more than just awake. Caffeine is considered among some scientists even medicine, particularly with regard to preventive: caffeine blocks certain receptors in the nerve tissue, so that the waking state is maintained. That explains the stimulatory effect of caffeine. Caffeine can stimulate the production of bile, which has a positive effect on the fat burning.

In this way, the body can provide more energy athletic performance can be increased as a result. Studies also showed that caffeine in medicine as an effective means of circulation can be applied. 2-3 cups of coffee increase the basal metabolic rate by 10-12%. The coronare Blood circulation is improved. Also the concern that coffee consumption would promote high blood pressure, are unjustified. Was found in a study of more than 150,000 American women over a period of twelve years at Harvard University in Boston, that coffee drinking does not increase blood pressure. Guarana: Unlike the caffeine from coffee the effect of caffeine from Guarana lasts longer: tannins of the Guarana cause a delayed release of caffeine, Guarana is also the richest caffeine plant. The effect can last up to 4-6 hours. “Summary of the studies of: caffeine dynamic” by Prof. Dr. Peter Butzem Padagogische Hochschule St. Gallen, may 2010 bio vital Energiedirekt bio vital Energiedirekt fast action for body and mind. Makes you fit and invigorated bio vital Energiedirekt supplies the body with natural caffeine, glucose, as well as extracts of green tea and Guarana. With vitamin C and magnesium. Fine micro powder in small sachets: the fine micro powder directly on the tongue To give. The ingredients dissolve easily in the mouth and are the energy metabolism available directly in swallowing. Handy for on the go and in the meantime. No liquid is required. Recommended daily intake: 1-3 times a day a sachet. Recommended use: bio vital Energiedirekt is suitable for continuous use. It can be taken every day, 365 days a year. Suitable for diabetics, the contents of a bag of of portion of is equivalent to 0.10 loading. Source of supply: in well stocked Pharmacy and consumer markets. Retail price: 18 sachets for approx. 2.99.

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