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Less frequent administration to infrared rays, as in the remote control of home appliances, or control by mosaic of the field or the keyboard. Radio station offers a reasonable range of management, rather compact and reliable charms. At the same time, the team passed on the radio, can be ‘overheard’ by criminals who have for this hardware. Therefore, it is encrypted with special cipher, the most famous of which – Keeloq (‘Killoch’), the right which is now owned by U.S. company Microchip. Microprocessor technology is developing rapidly, the methods of attack on a car that had ‘yesterday’ can be regarded as possible only in theory, are now becoming a reality. So matter how secure is your security keychain package of spoofing and interception, depends heavily on reliable security system as a whole. The class is determined by the degree of control channel to protect it from tampering or playing with the help of technical means: * (IV) static code * (III) Keeloq * (II) modified Keeloq * (I) an interactive exchange of static code when using static code is the same team, for example, a team of disarming, each time passed through the same code sequence.

Enough with the help of a simple device (code-grabber) to record it – and the car will remain defenseless against an attacker. Such a control channel only protects against spontaneous theft. At the very fact, Although none of the manufacturers of security systems and does not speak now about the use of such codes, but when testing often reveals duplicity.

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