Oak Tree Stones

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This colossus stood propped on the side of other stones from the bottom. Not whether these props, he no doubt would have slid down, leaving behind hundreds of broken trees. The size and weight of the stone is not to suggest that he had once been put here by people, but also hard to believe, and that nature itself brought him here and carefully placing it on a smaller pebbles to "small" is not rolled. At the top of the stone can be seen deepening a diameter of about 60cm and it seems to be the handiwork of the ancient people. Just a few meters below You can see a pile of stones, which are either unfinished, or destroyed dolmen. Some of the components of its stones were clearly squared. Climb even higher and we get to the apiary, adjacent to sty. We go there to clarify the road.

Pasechnik, who is also Svinarev, a man of sixty with a big white beard, was affable man, he invited us home, offered tea, and asked whether we know why this place called Oak Tree. We'll be ready to hear something like an ancient tale, but it was much easier. At this place is really not so long ago grew three huge oak tree, but now only one remains and it is not less than six hundred years. Looking at the oak and chestnut honey after purchasing, we moved on. Two more miles and we saw the dolmens. Walking beside the pig, and judging by their crooked tail, they feel themselves quite well.

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