Secrets And Features Of Perfume

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Secrets and especially the use of perfume. When choosing a perfume should be guided by the following rules: Choose fragrance should rely only on themselves. We should not use scented papers or pieces of foam rubber. On the skin of the perfume or perfume can smell very differently. Better to put a drop of scented liquid on the skin wrist and wait about ten minutes. Perfume scent has to match your image and age. It is absurd, if 20-year-old girl uses perfume designed for women of advanced age, and vice versa.

Skin brunettes longer holds the smell than the skin of blondes, a dry and cold weather scents are attenuated, and warm and humid, worse. If you drink much coffee, onions, garlic and lamb, the smell of your skin changes that may change accordingly smell your perfume, and not always for the better. There are many perfumery for various purposes: Eau de toilette – ideal for daytime use. Spirits are more concentrated and persistent odor, suitable for an evening publication. Bathroom series: soap and shower gel, bath foam, body lotion especially, are great for close bodily contact. Deodorants antperspirantami with or without performing fairly mundane function of masking the smell sweat, but may nevertheless contribute to the range of flavors in your body. Use them separately or together with toilet water, if you go to work, the gym or anywhere else where you may sweat.

Putting on his body of any aromatic funds, remember that: The smell has a habit of rising from the bottom up, so do not forget about the lower part of your body The most highly distinguished perfume smells popliteal cavity, inguinal folds, the inner side of the elbow, the inside of the wrist, the neck under the ear lobes. A few drops of perfume on these sites will provide you with more delicate and at the same time, persistent fragrance than a bottle of perfume poured on clothes. If you want to publish a subtle fragrance in the motion, drizzle with toilet water from a spray to clean damp hair. The main thing is that the smell of hair styling did not place the flavor of your perfume.

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