Security In Afghanistan

Posted on March 2, 2019 By

The minor assures that she was kidnapped and soothed by insurgents. In an border zone with Afghanistan. It is not the first case of use of minors in attacks. The paquistanes forces of security stopped this Monday to a girl of eight years who carried a vest with explosives in a control of the north-western tribal zone of Dir, border with Afghanistan, informed police sources. According to the sources, mentioned by several average paquistanes, the girl, call Sohana Jawed, assured the questioned being that she had been kidnapped days back in the city of Peshawar (the northwest). The minor said that the kidnappers injected sedatives before taking it to him to the locality of Balambat, where finally he was stopped. Against policemen In agreement with this version, the kidnappers – identified as insurgent by the authorities they loosen to the girl in the environs of the police control but they occurred to the flight after warning itself which the agents suspected the minor.

In a press conference, the small one needed that a man was raptada by two women and, who him they said they were going that it to use to commit a suicidal attack. This is not the first time that has certainty of the use of minors, even young, to perpetrate suicidal actions in Pakistan. Another case, in February One of the most recent cases was the attack happened the past February in a military induction center of the north-western locality of Mardan, where 31 cadets died. In that one occasion, a minor, whose age calculated near the 13 years, took advantage of his scholastic uniform to deceive the safety controls and exploded the explosive charge that carried in the installation of the Army.