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Digital travel magazine in the October issue of the Tropical North Queensland and new Aboriginal tours the Tropical North of the Australian State is the recipe par excellence for boredom in the holidays: A ride in a hot-air balloon, spear-fishing with the Aboriginal feeding crocodiles or each day brings a new adventure with a wild boat tour on the river. The new tours with Aboriginal Australia and the treasures of the nature of this fascinating continent bring closer than ever before to guests are an experience of a special kind. On the paths of the Rainbow serpent, the participants discover the old way of life of the native. The UNESCO bit series leads in October to Reims. In the northeast of France is located in the heart of the Champagne region, but not only the famous sparkling wine attracts the visitors. Landmark of Reims is Dame of the Notre-Cathedral, which is considered to be one of the most important Gothic buildings in France. Impressive the two towers rise to a height of 81 metres above the city.

Who is afraid of heights is, can climb and come around to the base also the 249 steps up top. Umbria in the early fall? But yes, on the one temperatures between Rome and Tuscany reach significantly more than 20 degrees Celsius in the third season, on the other hand applies to the center of Italy: class instead of mass. For example the world-class wineries, like in Montefalco, rather small and fine, down to Earth and natural. The winemakers meet guests with rough warmth, the Sangiovese, Merlot, Tuscan Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes are grown): red, white, dry, slightly bitter, fruity and some delicate grassy. And Umbria is exactly the same. Other topics in the book: little runaways: Bockenheim an der Weinstrasse. For body + soul: Leipzig the city of coffee.

Hotel reports: Amangani, Wyoming, United States. Hacienda na Xamena, Ibiza, Spain. u. v. m. The current issue of travel inspirations has a circumference of 66 pages and is available through the following distribution channels: as a PDF download from the Magazine Web site: updates magazin.html as iPad app from the Apple iTunes store as eBook on the enclosed booklet CDs and DVDs of the computer magazine PC go and PC Magazine from the Weka-Verlag available on newsstands and subscription.

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