Don Antonio Morales

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Q ero are offering their teachings to the West, in preparation for the day that the Northern Eagle and the Condor South (Americas) fly together again. They believe that munay, love and compassion, will be the guiding force of this great union of peoples. The new guardians of the land will come from the West, and those who have had a greater impact on mother Earth now have the moral responsibility to rebuild his relationship with her, after redo themselves, said Don Antonio Morales, a master shaman Q ero. The prophecy says that North America will provide the physical strength or body; Europe will provide the mental aspect, or head; and South America will provide the heart. The prophecies are optimistic.

These relate to the end of time as we understand it the death of a way of thinking and being, the end of a way of interacting with nature and the Earth. In the coming years, the incas hope we emerge in a golden era, a golden Millennium of peace. The prophecies also allude to a tumultuous changes in the land, and in our psyche, turning to define our relationships and spirituality. That Pachacuti has begun and promises the emergence of a new human being after this period of confusion. Chiefs shamans speak of a tear at the very fabric of time. This offers us an opportunity to describe us not as what we have been in the past, both personally and collectively, but how we will be in the future. Q ero believe that the doors between worlds (quantum physics dimensions) are opening again, holes in time that we can traverse and go further where we can explore our human capacities, and regain our luminous nature today is a chance for all those who dare to make the leap. Pachacuti also refers to a large inca Chief who lived at the end of the 14th century.

It is said that he built Machu Picchu, and he was the architect of an empire similar in size to the United States. Pachacuti is the spiritual prototype for the incas, a teacher, a luminous being out of time. He was a Messiah, but not in the Christian sense of being the only son of God, out of the reach of humanity. He is rather considered as a symbol and promise of what human beings can become. Pachacuti embodies the essence of the prophecies, since Pacha means Earth, or time, and cuti means putting things in place. Its name also means Earth transformer. Andean shamans don’t have a Buddha or a Christ to follow. Their ancestral beliefs say: follow your own footsteps. More information is housed here: Bill de Blasio. Learn the rivers, trees and rocks. It honors the Christ, Buddha, your brothers and sisters. Honor mother earth and the great spirit. You honor yourself and all of creation. Look through the eyes of your soul and commit yourself to the essential, these are the teachings of the Q ero for reference material, see Wildfire magazine, Volume 7, no. 4, autumn 1996 issue. I invite you to visit my blogs so you can see the handmade products: original author and source of the article.