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Consultation-intensive products (such as insurance) the customer before buying is once more info request or even a personal consultant contact. An affiliate would have little chance to learn whether the customer contact mediated by him has ever generated a sale at such a product. Probably the contact can be but transparent for both partners control. In this case, to choose the pay-per-lead model. When not consulting-intensive products where the customer quite quickly progresses to the purchase, the compensation is then after sales. Dispute about money the remuneration or still more specifically, control, what has happened to the mediated contacts, represents the biggest problem with affiliate marketing. Because the parties generally don’t even know each other and have accordingly no or little confidence to each other.

For this reason, the mediation process must be complete and transparent. No one wants to pay too much or get too little. Various, complex technical procedures are used as control. Unfortunately, none of the systems is completely free of gaps, so that it always again to in the past Dispute settlement came. But so far not diminish the success of affiliate marketing could do that. The great art is affiliate networks, to bring together the many different website owners and advertisers.

Affiliate networks like Affilinet, zanox, Adbutler or TradeDoubler offer their services (Web code, see links). Interested affiliates can choose from a variety of partner programs and apply for participation. Such networks offer the greatest advantage but certainly the merchants, who can win very many affiliates itself with new programs already after a short time, and shorten the otherwise often lengthy acquisition on a few days. For this performance, the merchants have to pay but also a Finder’s fee to the networks. Also image campaigns possible affiliate marketing can be used as well, if not the direct sale, but branding effects are needed. This can be settled in a pay-per-click mode. The affiliates will receive a Commission regardless of whether the case with every click, Customer buys anything or not. Many site operators are so access and quickly give a high coverage of the campaign.